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Eat your way to a stronger body 💪

Are you interested in optimizing your workout and building a stronger, healthier body? Then our upcoming workshop is for you!

About the workshop

Our “Eat your way to a stronger body” workshop combines the best knowledge in nutrition and exercise to help you reach your goals. We will cover a range of important topics, including:

  • Optimal Nutrition for Muscle Building: Learn how the right diet can improve your exercise performance and support muscle growth.
  • Sleep and Recovery: Understand the importance of sleep and recovery for your workouts and health.
  • Fluid balance: Learn how to maintain a healthy fluid balance in your body.
  • Supplements and Exercise: Discover how supplements can support your workout routine.
  • New Habits and Motivation: Get valuable tips to establish healthy habits and stay motivated.

The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of experience and fitness level. You get a welcome greenie and the opportunity to improve your relationship with food and exercise.

Time & Place

Date: November 16, 2023
Time: 17:30-19:00
Location: Fusion Pilates
Price: free for fusion members, 50 for non-members
Registration: in the booking system or by email
Presenter: Diet and health advisor Signe Sørensen