Mama Reformer

Mommy & Baby reformer classes

We are excited to present our brand new Reformer Mama class!
From November 7, 2023, you can join our exciting training classes tailored to the pregnant and new mom. Classes take place at 11:00 am Tuesday+Friday and 10:30 am Wednesday. The classes are taught by our skilled instructors and physiotherapists who have additional training in the pelvic floor.

Our Reformer Mama classes focus on effective workouts with special attention to the pregnant and postpartum body by paying extra attention to strengthening the core, back and glutes. We understand that as a new mom you need flexibility, so there is a designated area for breastfeeding, changing facilities and of course, your baby is more than welcome to join you.

As a participant in our Reformer Mama classes, you are always responsible for your own and your baby’s safety, but our instructors are here to support you and create the right environment for you to workout safely while you enjoy your maternity leave.

Sign up for our Reformer Mama classes via our booking system. The class can be booked by all Fusion Reformer and Fusion Reformer Premium members.

Let’s work together on your strength and well-being in a safe and supportive atmosphere. We look forward to working out with you and your baby!