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Reformer Flow, Strength and Cardio

Reformer Flow

In our Reformer Flow classes, we take the principles from Mat Pilates, but with increased pace and resistance. The reformer can be adapted to all body types and because the exercises are performed in a flow, you also train your coordination and the body as a whole. We have both basic and advanced classes.

Reformer Strength

Reformer Strength is the ultimate choice for those who want to challenge their limits and achieve a stronger and more toned body. With a combination of intensive strength exercises and explosive movements, you’ll take your reformer training to new heights.

reformer pilates cardio workout

Reformer Cardio

The Reformer Cardio class is the perfect choice for those who want to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. With a combination of heart rate-raising circuit exercises and energetic music, you’ll work up a sweat and get a great workout.

What is reformer Pilates?

Need a new workout that’s effective and fun? And that can be easily adapted to the individual, both in terms of load and fitness level? Then Reformer Pilates is the right match for you. Reformer Pilates is an effective and functional form of exercise that tones the whole body in the best possible way. The training is very relevant for those who want to feel stronger and increase their endurance in every day life. In class we focus a lot on coordination, fitness, balance and strength.

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