Meet our Fusion Pilates instructors

Our team of instructors radiates energy and expertise. All our instructors have a solid fitness and movement background and have gone through our extensive training program to ensure your workouts are always top-notch.
We are proud to have both female and male instructors, each with their unique teaching style. You’ll love meeting and experiencing how each instructor brings their personality and passion for reformer Pilates to each session.

Our instructors come from different backgrounds, but they all share a common passion for movement and active lifestyle. They are truly passionate about helping you achieve your workout goals and are dedicated to supporting you on your journey to success.
Continuous development is key to the success of our instructor teams. They regularly attend internal workshops to expand their skills and find inspiration for new exercises that they can’t wait to share with you!
We look forward to welcoming you to our reformer room and to experiencing the expertise and dedication our instructors bring to every reformer session.