Outdoor training

We look forward to inviting you to a Fusion Pilates event!
This time out in nature with our instructor Maren, who will be teaching a Soma Move class.

What is Soma Move?

Soma Move (soma: Greek for body) is an athletic and powerful workout that combines elements of yoga, gymnastics, dance and martial arts.
The training takes place in bare feet to rhythmic music and you work with your own body weight throughout the class.
The exercises are performed in a continuous flow where you are challenged on strength, balance and agility. The workout ends with a series of dynamic and static stretches.

Time & Place

We meet on d. 15/7-22 at 7.15 in front of Café Pavillonen in Fælledparken and you must bring your own mat.
If you have a Fusion membership, participation is free.
Registration is done via eclub.
It costs 50kr for non-members, write an email to info@fusionpilates.dk if you would like to sign up.